Wake on LAN for Windows

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Wake Up and Shut Down Functionality

Wake on LAN s a free, network management software developed by Aquila Technology LLC. The open source software provides remote wake on LAN or shutdown command for users managing a network of computers in any establishments.

A Platform for Managing Local Networks

AquilaWOL helps network administrators to manage their establishment's local system, including DHCP and static addressing networks They are provided with network functionalities such as ping testing, wake-on and shutdown. Every computer on the local network are observable to a Remote Desktop. In this way every log and network activities are seen in a single platform. Every tool and status screen are presented clearly on its easy to use command line and GUI. Most updates are prompted regularly through balloon tips and system-tray notifications. A notification is sent to the network administrator if hosts decides to change the network’s state. The network interface is configurable so that it functions according to the needs of the network administrator. The software can be minimized on the Remote Desktop’s task tray for conserving memory usage. Network administrators have to make sure that the computers already have Magic-Packet WOL or protocol installed before using this software. They can check that by using the software’s search tool.

Remote Wake Up or Shut Down

The wake-up function sends its packets to the computers connected to the network. It opens even closed computers. The shutdown functionality allows remote closing of Windows domain computers with its script. This software is designed with complexity so that it also supports non-domain and Linux computers. Shutting down computers simultaneously is necessary when an attack on the network happens or network administrators have to restart everything. Wake-on and shutdown commands are very helpful for establishments that have a regular opening hours and all personels have to start their work as their shift starts. It is also important for avoiding  power spikes as computers open simultaneously. Network administrators can also setup a fixed schedule when the software will activate wake-on and shutdown automatically. They can also send email notification with the scheduling feature.

Remote Network Administration Tools

The software has a Listener function where network administrators can observe WOL packets transmitting across the local network. It lets them ping a specific computer so that they can verify its current status. This is very handy for troubleshooting and fixing routing issues that may occur in the local network. Network administrators can use its tools for scanning network to make sure that hosts, IP and MAC address are in optimal state. Users are also given with Event Log that chronicles every wake-ups, shutdowns, and exceptions occurred. The Network Scanner gives network administrators a more convenient method to survey networks, at the same time, they can add new hosts to their local database. The software comes with support for complex network environments that also have subnet directed broadcasts. It also includes Wake-Up through internet via WOLAgent. Users can contribute to Aquila Technology by donating them and contributing for the coding if they are satisfied with the features and capabilities of the software.

Handling Computers Remotely

AquilaWOL is able to to sending wake-on-LAN and shutdown commands to every host connected on a local network. They can also supervise ping, WOL packets and hosts that are active.


  • A network management tool for administrators
  • An open source software with updates
  • Comes with documented guide
  • Supports Windows and Linux computers


  • Requires Magic-Packet WOL on computers
  • Requires minor configuration to control non-domain and Linux computers
  • May run slowly on older server machines
  • Cannot save and load settings to every computer

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Wake on LAN for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 2.11.22
  • 2
  • (0)
  • Security Status

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